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Презентація на тему «Norway» - Слайд #1


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Презентація на тему «Norway» - Слайд #2

Norway is located in Europe.
It is bordered by Sweden, Finland and a tiny bit of Russia.
It is surrounded by the Norwegian Sea and the North Sea.
The capital of Norway is Oslo.
Norway is characterized by high plateaus and mountains separated by valleys. The coast is very jagged.

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Презентація на тему «Norway» - Слайд #3

What do the Houses look like?
Norway, has always taken pride in its harmony with nature instead of conquering it.
Houses with their roofs looking like small meadows may seem a little strange in these modern times, but until the late 19th century, turf roofs were the most common type of roofs in rural Norway.

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Презентація на тему «Norway» - Слайд #4

Many advantages such roofs:
- They are completely harmless.
They are very warm.
They do not leak water.
They are very durable.
They fit perfectly into the natural landscape.

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Презентація на тему «Norway» - Слайд #5

Norway has long tried to portray itself as one of the most environmentally responsible states.
The main wealth of the country - the unique landscapes of hills and valleys, clean water and silence. The country has 18 nature reserves.
In the north and mountains are reindeer, polar fox, polar hare, wolf, wolverine, seals, walruses, and polar bears. In the south, are moose, deer, fox, and otter.