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Слайд #1
Презентація на тему «Environmentalists» - Слайд #1

The most important problems of our environmental
How save our planet?

Слайд #2
Презентація на тему «Environmentalists» - Слайд #2

Environmentalists say the air in a modern apartment 4 times dirtier than the outside, and 7 times more toxic. The main source of pollution - finishing materials and furniture.
 For construction and repair of premises used harmless substances.
Such material are more friendly for our health

Слайд #3
Презентація на тему «Environmentalists» - Слайд #3

Pollution from car , factories and power station is causing harmful greenhouse gases to build up in the Earth's atmosphere.
These gases prevent heat from escaping , and as a result our planet is getting warmer.
This process is know as global warming

Слайд #4
Презентація на тему «Environmentalists» - Слайд #4

The biggest polluter today is the car. This problem is especially bad in cities , where the number of cars is increasing every year.
For shorter journeys cycling is a much healthier alternative to driving a car , and many towns have introduced special cycle lanes.
Cycling roads

Слайд #5
Презентація на тему «Environmentalists» - Слайд #5

The big car companies are also working on developing new engine technology , so that cars can run on clear fuels such as hydrogen instead of petrol .
This reduce the amount of pillution

Слайд #6
Презентація на тему «Environmentalists» - Слайд #6

We can help the environmental by choosing to buy green products , for example organic foods that are produced without using pesticides.
Eco-labels and Green Stickers are labeling systems for food and consumer products.

Слайд #7
Презентація на тему «Environmentalists» - Слайд #7

In this day people should clean parks , beaches , streets from rubbishes . We have to meet once on week and make our environmental more cleaner. We must take carry about our future.
Clean day

Слайд #8
Презентація на тему «Environmentalists» - Слайд #8

The term GM foods is most commonly used to refer to crop plants created for human or animal consumption using the latest molecular biology techniques.
Human health risks:
Unknown effects on human health
Don't use pesticides

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