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Project Professions Italy
Prepared 2 groups

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Attractive profession
The most sought after profession in Italy - the seller, housekeeper and cleaning lady. The data contained in the annual report of 2011 Excelsior prepared by the Unioncamere together with the Ministry of Labour.
The above vacancy now account for a quarter of all the proposals in the labor market in Italy. It is also noted that compared to last year, the demand for secretaries (70%) and Blacksmith (60%).

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In addition, over the past year and 3% increase in the number of concluded contracts of employment of waiters, bartenders, chefs. Italians would like to work secretaries, office managers, accountants, managers (30 thousand resumes), and carpenters and joiners. About the same number (26 million) are looking for a job as a truck and bus drivers, taxi drivers.
Attractive profession

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"At" replaced by Italian immigrants traveling traders, artists, plasterers and SUVs. Chance of foreigners displaced Italians from storekeepers, messengers, porters, masons, carpenters, plumbers scaffolding, drivers, cashiers, laborers farming, butchers, bakers, confectioners, Concrete, plumbers and installers.
Attractive profession

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Pure Italian Job
Pitsmeyker or pizza maker - the so-called master of pizza. Pizza - dish is so popular with Italians, she devoted special celebration that takes place in Italy every year. It is believed that this profession was in the XVII century

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Unpopular profession in Italy
From 2011 to Excelsior has 30% fewer vacancies nurses.
From 2007 to 2010, employment fell by Italians -4.3% (nearly a million people).

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Italians ignore the work that require manual labor, giving way to the immigrants, who are not only willing to undertake such work, but also significantly increase competition, as to each vacancy appears more than willing among foreigners.
Unpopular profession in Italy