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Before each person at a certain time there is a question about choosing a career.
To solve it you need to know about their individual characteristics, interests, preferences. On the basis of strong interest generated addiction a person wants a particular type of activity.

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Cook - a person who is engaged in the preparation of food public catering. But these are dry and boring words can not fully describe cookery profession. Because the chef, sometimes called a true magician who can most common products to make a meal, whose name - a masterpiece of taste.

Слайд #4
The chef must be an aesthetic taste, imagination, creative inclinations, or on sandwiches and eggs he leaves.

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Слайд #6
Who teach children to read and write,
The nature of love, respect the elderly?

Слайд #7
Who sits at the bedside?
And as a treat, all he says;
Who is sick - he drops offer to accept,
Anyone who is healthy - allow a walk.

Слайд #8
Lay the glass eye
Clicked again - and remember you.

Слайд #9
With fire fight we must,With water we companions.We all need people very,Reply soon, what are we?

Слайд #10
Tell me, who is so deliciousPreparing cabbage soup,Fragrant meatballs,Salads, vinaigrettes,All breakfasts, lunches?

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He returned from the flight,After flying - his job.All those in the air, boys,Called ...