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New Zealand
The Capital Is WellingtonSize of the state - 268 680 km2Official languages - English, Maori and new Zealand sign languageCurrency - new Zealand dollar. By the way, now new Zealand dollars do not of paper, and of very thin plastic

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Interesting facts about New Zealand

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Bird kiwi is a symbol of New Zealand. Nowhere else on the planet this bird is not made.

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A popular place for tourists visiting New Zealand - lake Taupo. It was formed by volcanic eruption about 27 000 years ago. This eruption is still considered the most powerful for the last 100,000 years.

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New Zealand is a very beautiful, Yes - as in the Lord of the Rings. However, most of the beauty that you could see in the trilogy, Peter Jackson, all the same on the South island, where almost no one except the farmers ' lives, and tourism services, as they say European guests, is not yet very developed.

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It is in New Zealand has a small mountain with the longest (82 letters) in the world is a geographical name

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In 1956, New Zealand gave the world such a simple and very necessary thing as a disposable syringe. Its inventor became a pharmacist Colin Murdoch.

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