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Слайд #1
My favorite artist is
Edgar Degas

Слайд #2
He was a French painter, impressionist.

Слайд #3
Degas was born into a family that came from an aristocratic family.
The Millinery Shop

Слайд #4
Desire to paint near Degas began to
manifest in childhood.

Слайд #5
Already in the beginning of his long creative way Degas was an artist who, like joking, just selecting a picture, you can stop working on it.
"Program for an Artistic Soiree"

Слайд #6
Many paintings by Degas devoted
ballet, horse racing.
Before the Race
Blue dancer

Слайд #7
See ballerina - say Degas.
Degas say - you see a ballerina.
The Dance Class
Dancer with a Bouquet of Flowers
Dancers at The Bar

Слайд #8
6673 Degas - asteroid
named after the artist.