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Made by:
Ann Klymenko
Form 11-V
Gap Year

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A gap year is …
What does the gap year consist of?
Gap year provides an opportunity for students
Is it possible to take a gap year in Ukraine?

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Gap year
A gap year is a structured period of time when students take a break from formal education to increase self-awareness, challenge comfort zones and experiment with possible careers.

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Gap Years originally started in the United Kingdom in the 1970's as a way to fill the 7 or 8 month gap between final exams and the beginning of university.
The intention in the UK for that time was to contribute to the development of the student usually through an extended international experience.

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What does the gap year consist of?
A gap year is a combination of traveling, volunteering, interning, or working. A gap year experience can last from two months up to two years and is taken between high school graduation and the Junior year of their higher degree.

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Many programs also feature a training program prior to the work period, community and independent living, practicing a simple lifestyle.

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Gap year provides an opportunity for students:
To solve their problems;
To take a rest;
To prepare their selves to their future studies in the university.

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Thinking time
Money to study
Time to realize what do you really want to do in life
Time to prepare your exams

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You lose a year

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Is it possible to take a gap year in Ukraine?
Well, It is quite unusual to take a gap year in Ukraine. People don’t know about such program. But nowadays it is becoming more and more popular.

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Thank you for your attention!