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Birmingham was founded in 1871.

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In the era of rapid development of national industry of the population of Birminghamgrew so quickly that it was called "the magic city."

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The city is the center of the 
West Midlands region and the second most populous city in England after London.

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Birmingham also boasts 99 historic districts and is often referred to as the cradle of American civil rights movement.

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You can visit the old castle, near which necessarily broken picturesque parks. Some,such as Sutton Park and Castle Brumvich, preserve flora samples, which wereplanted a local residents a few centuries ago.

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Birmingham is the second largest metropolis and the population of Great Britain.

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Modern architecture is used beautifully here with the old artisan quarters of the former nation, from century history.

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Center city

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Museum of Art

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In Birmihemi can visit the Institute of Fine Arts in art galleries which are 
original Renoir, Monet, Degas and other famous artists.

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Birmingham's  central mosque

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Victoria Square

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The city council of Birmingham is the largest local government in territory of Great Britain and the largest city council in Europe.

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Birmingham - a city with a long sporting tradition. "Birmingham City" and "Aston Villa"are among the oldest English football clubs.

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