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Cambridge is one of the oldest universities in Great Britain. It was opened in 1284.
1828 - 1831

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At present Cambridge has 28 colleges. One is for men only, two are women’s colleges, the rest are both for man and women.

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Cambridge takes its name from the river Cam on which it is situated.

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the Cam

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The university is full of ancient building, chapels, libraries.

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In old times students of Cambridge were not allowed to play games , sing, hunt, fish, dance. They wore special dark clothes and “squares”, the academic caps, they wear them in our days.

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During the course students live in the college. There are 9,000 students in the University now.

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Cromwell, Newton, Byron, Darwin studied in this university. The great Russian scientist Pavlov came to Cambridge to get the degree of the Honorary Doctor of Cambridge

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80 Nobel Prize winners studied in this University : 29 in physics, 22 in medicine, 18 in chemistry, 7 in economics, 2 in literature, 2 World Nobel Prize.

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the Royal College of Cambridge

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Mathematical Bridge

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Study well and
you’ll have a chance to enter this university.