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Welcome to the Great Britain!

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London has their own special, unique places, offering fantastic views of the British capital.

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  In the UK manages the Royal family.

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Currently, the British Royal family led by Queen Elizabeth.

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 Waterloo Bridge, located on a bend of the Thames, may offer the most beautiful views of London.

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 On the South Bank of the Thames, there is a Ferris wheel known as the London Eye.

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The highest point of the Eyes offer a magnificent view of the city, at a distance of 25-minute miles in all directions.

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 This is the easiest and quickest way to see the British capital entirely and throw a quick look at the most of London's attractions.

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On the observation deck of the Tower of the famous Tower Bridge, you can fully enjoy the magnificent views of London areas.

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Absolutely stunning views of the most famous places in London to capture on camera, a small cruise on Thames.

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If a tourist did not visit St. Paul's Cathedral, so he really didn't see London.

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It is from the observation deck, located on the dome of the Cathedral, a magnificent view of the central part of London.

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 Big Ben is one of the most famous buildings in the UK.

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  The tower was designed by the English architect Augustus P′ûdžina in 1858.
First time clocks May 21, 1859, opened.
Officially the Tower called "Vestminskogo clock tower of the Palace".

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 In London, are the most beautiful parks and gardens of the world.

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 And in many places you can see the English nature…