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William Turner (23 April 1775 – 19 December 1851)
He was one of the most famous landscape painters of 19 century. He was an English Romantic landscape painter

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We need to consider and understand his work. He painted waves and storms, clouds and mists with a great skills.

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WELCOME to personal gallery William Turner!

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Title:The Slave Ship Location:Museum Of Fine Arts, Boston, USAYear:1840Orientation:Landscape

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Title:The Grand Canal, Venice Location:Metropolitan Museum Of Art,, New York, Year:1835Orientation:Landscape

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Title:A Great TreeLocation:Yale Centre For British Art, Hartford, ConnecticutYear:1796Orientation:Landscape

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Title:The Port of LondonLocation:Victoria And Albert Museum, London, EnglandOrientation:Landscape

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Title:The Battle of Trafalgar Orientation:Landscape

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Title:Rome The Location:British Museum, London, EnglandOrientation:Landscape

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Title:Moon on the River Location:Tate Gallery, London, EnglandOrientation:Landscape

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