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Project of Canada
Works by Marina Buryachok

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The arms and country flag

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To cut a long story short
Canada is an independent federative state. It is one of the most developed countries.
Canada consists of ten provinces and two territories. It is situated on the North America continent.
It’s area is almost 10 million km2
It is a famous for its beautiful parks. Known also as the city of bridge. It holds the first place in the world in the amounth of forests.

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Official languages of Canada are English and French. Nerly 60 per cent of the population speaks English and 27 per cent speaks French.

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It is situated on the picturesque bank of the Ottawa River. One third of its population is descendants of English and French immigrants.
The name of the city comes from The Indian word meaning “trade”- торгівля. Ottawa is a city of bridges. There are more than 20 bridges in the city.
Ottawa is famous for its walks, along which about a million of tulips bloom in spring.

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Canadian currency

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There are a lot of rivers and lakes in Canada. Among them there are the Great Bear Lake, The Great Slave Lake and the Great Lakes District.
The largest rivers are the Nelson, the Ottawa, the Mackenzie and the Yukon.

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The well-known Canadian syrup

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Canada is famous for its hockey

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