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(14 May 1727 – 2 August 1788)

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Thomas Gainsborough's house
Thomas Gainsborough was an English portrait and landscape painter. He was born the youngest son of John Gainsborough, a weaver in Suffolk.

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He painted quickly and his pictures are characterized by a light palette and easy strokes. He preferred landscapes to portraits.

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Perhaps the best known to-day of all Gainsborough’s portraits is the famous “Blue Boy”.

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His picture “The Cottage Girl with Dog and Pitcher” attracted general attention

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“Mrs. Graham”

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“Mr and Mrs Andrews”

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“Mrs. Sarah Siddons”

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“The Artist`s Daughters,
Molly and Peggy”

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Christian Bach”

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This portrait, one of Gainsborough's most successful paintings, is the artist's only work in the Hermitage.
“Lady in Blue”

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He was in advance of his time. His art became a forerunner of the Romantic Movement.