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My ideal school
Katya Kupko

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I want to show you an ideal school, and tell about it.

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Just imagine!
The school is located near the forest and the river. From one side of the forest and the river on the other side of our home. School building looks really great. It’s a five-storeyed building with large windows.

Слайд #4
As for lessons
Our classes start at 9 o’clock and last till 3 o’clock. We have 5-6 (not 7-8) lessons a day. We study different subjects at school, but we study only the most needed subjects such as Ukrainian, English, Literature, Mathematics, History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry etc. And also we have a special lessons, like cooking or tourism, lessons theatrical play or zoology. But these lessons are not required.

Слайд #5
Our ideal school has a special class. It’s «living corner». There are many large aquariums and a few small animals. The school has a group of students who should look after them. Some students take the animals to home at the holiday.

Слайд #6
No doubt, there is a gym. It is well-equipped for the lessons. Besides, a great number of sporting events are held in the gym such as different competitions, games. Sport helps children to keep in good health: "Good health is above wealth". After school, we can always go skating near school in winter.

Слайд #7
I must say that life in our school where we spend half of our time is rather interesting. Our teachers know our hobbies and interests and help us to arrange different parties and meetings, Olympiads on different subjects.
So, in my opinion it’s an ideal school.