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City of ukraine

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Lutsk is a city located by the Styr River in northwestern Ukraine.

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Prospect of Freedom - is one of the most beautiful and longest central avenues of Lutsk

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Lutsk High Castle it is the most prominent landmark of Lutsk.

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Catholic Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul Church

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This beautiful building in neo-Gothic style towers in the center of Lutsk… 

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Pharmacy Museum
The oldest chemist’s shop (pharmacy) in Lutsk, which is situated on the former Market Square in the Old City, has been functioning since the 19th century.

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Bell museum
The Bell Museum in Lutsk Castle is the only one of its kind in Ukraine.

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The Art Museum
The Art Museum presents masterpieces of the Ukrainian and foreign art.

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Lesya Ukrainka Museum
Museum of Lesya Ukrainka introduces a biography of the famous writer and Volyn origins of her talent