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A Variety of Professions
Made by
pupil of 11B
Elina Kstenko

Слайд #2
After school you must choose you future profession

Слайд #3
There are a lot of interesting profession now

Слайд #4
Some of them well-paid…

Слайд #5
… some are not!

Слайд #6
some of them are prestigious…

Слайд #7
… some are not!

Слайд #8
Unfortunately, in our country to find a job so hard!

Слайд #9
So, that’s why you must make an extremely stressful decision about your career!

Слайд #10
Choosing a career is a difficult and challenging task of finding the perfect match between your personality, interests, and skills.

Слайд #11
Modern society presents a vast range of future job opportunities in various professional fields, but crises, unemployment and inflation make the choice really difficult.

Слайд #12
A rewarding job can be underpaid or have poor career opportunities.

Слайд #13
To choose one's career, one might try some of these career assessment tests and to get suggestions from the teachers and guidance counsellors.

Слайд #14
Good luck !!!