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Extreme sportГлушенко Ирина Викторовнаучитель английского языкаМБОУ СОШ №2ст.Ленинградской

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water rafting

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sky surfing

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snow rafting

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bungee jumping

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Rock - climbing

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The game of darts is a traditional English game. It is supposed to develop from archery(стрельба из лука).You can play darts in all English pubs. Each pub has a dart-board. The dart-board has a number of sections. The score depends on the section on the dart-board. Each player throws(бросать) three darts in turn. It is difficult to win after several glasses of beer and fish and chips at an English pub.

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Rugby(to play) all over Britain since 1845.
The Highland Games (to hold) since the 19th century.
Boat races between the universities of Oxford and Cambridge (to take place) since 1820.
Shooting competitions (to organize) since ancient times.
Table tennis (to play) with rules since the beginning of the 20th century.