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I will tell you about Alexander Fleming

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and his invention - Penicillin

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It's about ordinary microscopic fungus called penitsylium (Penicillium). Discovery of medicinal properties penitsyliumu, comprehensive research and receiving their first batches of the antibiotic penicillin like a detective story. Doctors have long drawn attention to the unusual properties of green mold. The first steps on the long road to penicillin were made by Russian doctors VA Manaseyinym and OG Polotyebnovym

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In the 20 years of the 20th century in England bacteriological laboratory at the Medical College of St. Mary A. Fleming studied the effect of various antiseptics on staphylococci - germs festering diseases. Fleming had already long defined his main task in the research: he was looking for a substance that could destroy pathogens without harming the cells of the patient.

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In 1922, he made a significant discovery - invented in mucus from the nose and in tears substance that killed bacteria - lysozyme. Lysozyme was found in saliva, in breast milk, fish roe, the leaves and stems of plants, etc.. But lysis did not To the substance that would allow medicine to obtain a glorious victory in the fight against pathogenic organisms.

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Normal working day in 1928 ... Fleming, talking with his colleague Dr. Price, who came to consult him, looking for a cup of old cultures. In one of the cups they saw culture where grown fungi and bacteria colonies around him disappeared. Nothing unusual for bacteriologist Price in this was - fungal spores often entered the air in bacterial cultures and formed colonies. And Fleming saw this conventional picture something new is what he observed during his research - colonies of bacteria disappeared not themselves, their pathogenic cocci destroy fungi. This was done first on the road to great discovery.

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Ahead were the months and years of painstaking laboratory studies were small victories and fails, much time passed until it received its first industrial penicillin. Fleming stopped all other work and devoted all his time to study the properties penitsylium notatum and its relatives. If previously for lysozyme scientist forced all posters and collected tears, he now surprised that collected various moldy objects.

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Sculptor Jennings, who was friends with Fleming, recalled that once a scientist turned to club members with a request: "Friends, if someone of you have moldy shoes, I would really like you gave them to me."

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October 25, 1945 O. Fleminh*s invention of penicillin was awarded the Nobel Prize.

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Yes it was. It has been more than half a century from the time when Alexander Fleming began his work with penitsylium notatum. During all these decades has not diminished, but rather increased the interest of researchers to antibiotics and other fungi. The result of this painstaking work is new antibiotics derived from fungi. Case Fleming continues!

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Each country has its own traditions and hand-made national preferences. Broadly, Hand-made - is a whole world, a huge planet where nature has its own laws and there is a certain atmosphere. World of hand-made and holds a philosophy, and a clear mathematical calculation, inspiration and erudition, a flight of fancy and strict rules of fashion innovations of today and the depth of the classics.

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Hand-made - a creative realization, a breath of fresh air, a way to express themselves. Hand-made - is an art.

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Do all of these things are very simple. for that would give life to old things need names fantasy and desire!! work should proceed from the heart!

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