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The music of primitive people.
There was not present-day music without music of the stone age. The people of the stone age did their own instruments from different things.

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Probably, the oldest "music instrument" is human body. The first sounds appeared because of patter or blow on different parts of the body (for example, on bosom or hip).
They used them, for example, for hunting to warn from danger. At the same time these instruments were used as the objects for mutual contact.

Слайд #4
pipes from bone.
flutes from bone.
animal’s horns.
pipes from seashells.
drums from animal’s skins.
musical bows
(bows of hunters)

The first primitive instruments.

Слайд #5
Music of the middle ages
 The appearance of several voices instead of traditional one voice was a real break in history of the music. For people of that time, the merging of some voices, which met in one tune was something new and unnatural,but the innovation became acclimated and survived till our time.

Слайд #6
Modern genres.
The name of the club Warehouse (склад).

Слайд #7
Deep House.
First of all, “Deep House” is House, then deep sound of the musical instruments.

Слайд #8
Acid House
This type of house differs from another by absence of vocal and very high tempo.

Слайд #9
The aim of this music is to carry you into another worlds by means of motion. Plastic and "cosmic“

Слайд #10
The type of the electronic music

Слайд #11

It is terrific speed of music.

Слайд #12
Very slow,sometimes depressive music; broken rhythm and gloomy texts