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It is located in the southwest region of the country

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The state capital is Salt Lake City

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The Great Salt Lake is four times more salted than sea water

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Deserts cover about one third of all Utah

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Wasatch Front is a metropolitan region that runs from north to south with the Wasatch mountain

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One of the most important newspapers in Utah is Salt Lake Tribune

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Utah is an important paleontological center that the state seeks to preserve places like Dinosaur National Museum.

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The basketball team in the NBA, the Utah Jazz, played in the stadium of the Energy Solutions Arena in
Salt Lake City

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The soccer team Real Salt Lake of MLS play in the Rice-Eccles Stadium

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The Governor is Jon Huntsman, Jr.

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The state of Utah is divided into 29 counties.

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Many movies are filmed in Utah. One is High School Musical

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The Genealogical Society preserves documents and make them accessible to all students who are studying Genealogy

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This is the flag of Utah

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This is the shield of Utah

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The first Americans to settle in the region of Utah were Mormons.

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In 2002 the Olympics were held in Utah