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Слайд #1
Mazhara Inna
10-A Form
Welcome to Ukraine!!!

Слайд #2
Welcome to Ukraine! Welcome to this wonderful contry! It has anchient culture and old history. Do you want to see it and know more about Ukraine? So lets go with the computer excurtion!

Слайд #3
One legend say that Kyiv invanted one man who called Kiye. His brothers’ name called mountains Schekovitsa and Horivitsa. And his sister’s name called river Libid. Here is mounoment of them.

Слайд #4
Here you can see Michajlovskij Sobor.

Слайд #5
This is Uspenskij Sobor.

Слайд #6
Here you see Andrijivskij church.

Слайд #7
This is a mountain of Bogdan Hmelnutskij- famous getman.

Слайд #8
This is a Palace of Ukraine.

Слайд #9
There is bridge that situated on river Dnipro.

Слайд #10
This is museum Pisanka in ukrainian city Kolomii

Слайд #11
Museum built in 2000 year. It is only museum of pisankas in world.

Слайд #12
Museum built in form of egg. Its high is 14m. Its diameter is 10m.

Слайд #13
You can see here more than 6000 kinds of pisankas.

Слайд #14
There are ukrainian, french, indian and many different pisankas.

Слайд #15
There is Kyiv-Pechersk Lyvr. Monks Antonij and Feodosij built it in 1051 year.

Слайд #16
Here you see Livadiskij Palace. It was Mikolas second palace.

Слайд #17
It built in 1910-1911 years.

Слайд #18
It is situated in the Livadia. Livadia – it is city near Krim.

Слайд #19
Now it is museum.

Слайд #20
It is Swallow’s Nest. It situated in the Ai-Todar.

Слайд #21
V.Schnaigel built it in the 1911-1912 years.

Слайд #22
This is Sofija Kyivska. It is famous ukrainian church.

Слайд #23
Jaroslav Mydrij built it in 1037 year.

Слайд #24
It is park Sofijivka in city Uman.

Слайд #25
It built in XVII-XIX century.