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Thanksgiving History
Thanksgiving started in1621. A group of Pilgrims from England went to North America because they wanted religious freedom.

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Thanksgiving History
When they arrived,they had no food and no houses. It was a very hard Winter. One day,they met some Native American Indians.They taught them how to get food and build good houses.

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Thanksgiving History
When the Spring came,they had lots of food and they were so happy that they decided to celebrate a feast with their Indian friends.

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Thanksgiving Tradition
Today,people in the USA still celebrateThanksgiving every November.
They get together with their family and they say thanks for all the good things that they have in their lives.

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Thanksgiving Celebration
On Thanksgiving families get together and have a big harvest feast! They eat turkey, corn,stuffing, potatoes, pumpkin pie,and crops.Everyone gets a stomachache!

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Thanksgiving Customs
The customs of Thanksgiving are, eating,seeing your family,singing, thanking people for coming over and coming to their celebration! It is a thankful holiday!

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More Thanksgiving Customs
One of the customs on Thanksgiving is being thankful for people coming to your house.They are thankful for this because some people don’t see their family too much.

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