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SSS (Save Severodonetsk Streets)

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My organisation is called Save Severodonetsk Streets
Our town needs protection, so we should help it to develop and to be clean at once.

Слайд #3
Unfortunately our plant Azot pollutes all components of our environment.
I know that simple people such me or my classmates can’t help our polluted air or rivers.
I want to create a big organization which will pay people’s attention to or problems.

Слайд #4
But we can do some simple things.
At least we can through our rubbish in special places, but not in streets.
Many of us are not content about the condition of our streets.Why don’t we help them to become cleaner?

Слайд #5
Also it’s good to participate in some actions, for example, the day without cars. It’s good not only for our nature but also for our health.

Слайд #6
And it’s important to provide mass sprints, which also can help us to keep fit and not to use transport at least sometimes.