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The history of tea has more than five thousand years and has its origins in ancient China. There are several legends about how people found the tea. One of them tells about the legendary emperor Shen Nung. Once emperor, resting in the forest, ordered warm water to drink. Suddenly, the wind rose and fell in the cup a few tea leaves. The emperor drank the drink and felt more cheerful.

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Later, during the reign of the Tang Dynasty, tea became the national drink in China, spread among the Chinese society

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In Europe, the tea gets into the middle of XVII century, and were brought there by the Dutch. Later tea began to carry also the Portuguese.
In Britain tea "brought" Portuguese prinessa. Becoming the wife of Charles II, she introduced tea party customary at court.

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During the ХІХ century tea consumption intensified its incredible speed. Fashion for tea and lower prices have created a demand for it, which was not easy to satisfy. To destroy the monopoly of China, traders were looking for opportunities to supply tea with India. 1820 tea industry began in this country.

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Collect tea only women. It was believed that the scent of female hands does not spoil the smell of tea.

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Consumption of tea and its production have been known for nearly 5,000 years, and now continues to grow. All over the world gather each year about three million tons of tea.