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Famous English painter Anthony van Dyck
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Rozhkova Anastasіya
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Anthony van Dyck

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Crowning with Thorns
Anthony van Dyck grew up in a large family of a wealthy merchant of Antwerp. In ten years, he began to study painting. Since 1617 was the closest assistant of Rubens, and in 1618 he became a member of the Guild of St. Luke. The first surviving independent works van Dyck ("crowning with thorns," around 1620, "St. Martin and the poor", 1620-1621 gg.)

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Family Portrait
van Dyck quickly became fashionable portrait painter and created another picture ("Family Portrait" circa 1620-1621 gg.)

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Portrait of Cardinal Guido Bentivoglio
The artist has created the whole gallery of portraits of the Italian aristocrats. In the image of cardinal Guido Bentivolo (1622-1623). This work has caused delight in contemporaries and followers of the poet. One of them has declared, that paints van Dyck – « an authentic flesh and blood, light and a transparency ».

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Charles 1, king of England, on hunting
In 1632 Van Dyck moved to London. King Charles I Stuart hospitably met artist and set it to noble rank. Van Dyck became the first artist King and should work with numerous portraits of members of his family. In 1635 a thoughtful portrait of Charles I, shown on a hunt among the wonderful landscapes.

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Portrait of Philadelphia and Elizabeth Uorton (second half 30th of XVII century)

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Venus asking from the Volcano the weapon for Aeneas

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Capture of the Christ under the guard
Maria with the baby the Christ and with aid donors

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Copper snakes

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Sacred Ekaterina's mystical betrothal

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Rest on a way to Egypt

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Portrait of court ladies Anna Dalkit and countesses Morton

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Sacred Rosalia

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Portrait of Isabella Brant

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Portrait Margirita Lotharingian, duchesses Orleanskoj

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Sacred Francisc Xavier