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Слайд #1
Prepared by
Oleksandr Popovych
Form 11-A
School of Chynadiievo
Presentation: Thomas Gainsborough
February 2014

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Thomas Gainsborough

Слайд #3
Sudbury, Suffolk;
engraver Hubert
associated with 
William Hogarth 
and his school.
Life and work
Landscape with Figures under a Tree  (1746-7)

Слайд #4
landscape paintings;
returning to Sudbury
portrait paintings.
Life and work
Landscape in Suffolk (1748)
Mr and Mrs Carter  (1748)

Слайд #5
1759 – Bath;
sending works to:
the Society of Arts exhibition in London;
the Royal Academy's annual exhibitions;
becoming a founding member of the Royal Academy
Life and work
Two Daughters with a Cat (c. 1759)

Слайд #6
1774 – London;
painting the portraits of King George III and his queen;
Life and work
King George III
Portrait of Queen Charlotte

Слайд #7
1784 - Joshua Reynolds -royal painter;
later years - simple, ordinary landscapes.
one of the originators of the eighteenth-century British landscape school;
the dominant British portraitist of the second half of the 18th century.
Life and work
Mountain Landscape with Pool

Слайд #8
working more from observations of nature;
loving landscapes

Слайд #9
The Blue Boy
 a portrait of Jonathan Buttall;
oil painting;
full-length portrait;
colour scheme where cool blue predominate;
costume dating from about 140 years before the portrait was painted;
Placing the figure against the landscape background;
Is represented standing;

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