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The house of my dream
by: Anna Manko
From 10

Слайд #2
I would like to tell you about my dream house.

Слайд #3
It would be located in Kiev.

Слайд #4
There it would be swimming – pool behind the house.

Слайд #5
It would be a two - storey house with dark blue roof, and a chimney. It would be painted white.

Слайд #6
My living room would have a big TV on the wall, a fireplace and big aquarium.

Слайд #7
My bathroom would have wonderful Jacuzzi.

Слайд #8
Nursery room for girl.

Слайд #9
Nursery room for boy.

Слайд #10
My bedroom would have a big bed, and window. There are comfortable.

Слайд #11
Kitchen would have a big table and beautiful lamp.

Слайд #12
If i had such a nice house i would be an ideal place to spend time with my family.

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