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My professiograme

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Who is a translator?

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Translation Profession
recognized as one of the
most prestigious and
sought after. Translators have their own
specialization: someone engaged only
translation, working with artistic, scientific,
journalistic, technical texts, articles and
Someone, interpreter translates spoken
Translation is a specialist oral and written speech from one language to another.

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Translator's duties includes:
organizing and conducting tours of the cultural and historical places for foreign citizens support foreign nationals during their visits to the country
to assist in the placement and residence of foreign nationals
translations for presentations
business meetings
support groups for trips abroad
translation of technical and fiction
teaching activities

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Where Works Translator:
Translation Bureau - not only the place of work. A professional can choose almost any activity: make English versions of sites, work in the media, gathering information "to order" from foreign sources, accompany politicians and businessmen to travel abroad to serve as tour managers, booking tickets and tours…

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Areas of application of professional knowledge:
travel companies, agencies, bureaus;
international organizations, companies;
hotels and restaurants;
presentations, negotiations, business meetings;
museums, galleries and exhibitions;
educational institutions.

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Personal qualities:
Translation's work depends on what area of ​​specialist, and depends on the set of his personal qualities.
Linguistic abilities
a large amount of long-term memory
a high level of analytical thinking

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Translator's abilities:
communication skills
verbal ability
high level of organizational skills
good memory
flexibility of thought processes
ability to make quick decisions in a changing situation
ability to present the material, taking into account the characteristics of each specific audience
physical and mental endurance

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Education translators usually performed at the philological faculty and
involves not only the
study of foreignlanguages​​, but also the characteristics of culture andhistory of the countries where they are used, as well as a number of theoretical disciplines related to linguistics.
To succeed in this kind of work required, except good ability to learn languages​​, high cultural level, impeccable literacy, attentiveness, erudition, and translators for oral text - and even communication skills.

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Career growth is associated with where and what to translate…
In general, a good platform for a successful career start - employment in a major international corporation, a leading diversified activities.

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The employment
Employment is usually not a problem, the main criterion by which employers choose employees - actual level of foreign language skills, as well as general literacy and erudition. Income level is approximately equal to the average level of wages in the industry.
Often combined with the work of the translator of foreign language teaching.

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Related Professions:
teacher of foreign languages​​
tourism manager
the seller

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My future profession
I like the profession translator, because it has many advantages: for example, the possibility of self-realization in all areas;person holding a foreign language willingly take into journalism, travel agencies, PR-company management, and I love it; have the opportunity to communicate with different people and learn the culture of other countries.
And I have all the powers of this profession, and most importantly, I like it! I love learning languages​​, especially English! Indeed, in this life you need to do what you likes!

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Your Katya♥Boyko
Thanks for your attention!