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Maria Prymachenko
Виконала:Тимошенко Єлизавета

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Maria Prymachenko - Ukrainian folk artist, representative of "national primitive " ("naive art"), winner of the National Prize of Ukraine name of Shevchenko, one of the most famous Ukrainian artists.

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She was born in the village Bolotnya in Kyiv, in a family where revered folk crafts, customs and traditions of the Ukrainian people. From his father, a carpenter andmother-sewers, Maria Prymachenko inherited a love of beauty of his native land, to folk art. In artistic arsenal Prymachenko's no "professional tricks" her drawings made ​​on plain Whatman paper brushes factory productionwith the use of gouache and watercolor.

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  In childhood artist was sick polio.
Maria Oksentiyivna with dignity and courage had carried all life adversity. her son Theodore - folk artist, he was her student and friend.

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«Animal go for a walk»

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«Blue goby»

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“Animal series`s" Prymachenko - thing unique and does not analogues in Ukrainian nor in the world.
Fantastic beasts - a work of the imagination of the artist. Such animals do not exist in nature.

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“Як у Чорнобилі було горе із блоком,
а дід корову пас там…”

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“Forest peacock”

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«Two tits»

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«guelder rose»

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“Flowers in blue vase”
“Sunflower of life”

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“Сватає Іван Галю”

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“Сидить баба на печі, пряде куделицю»

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Her paintings are exhibited at shows with great success in France, Canada, Poland, Russia, Germany and many other countries. In 1937 at the World Exhibition in Paris Maria Prymachenko received a gold medal.

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Yagotun city
Kiev city