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New Zeland

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When to go?
The autumn weather in New Zealand is cooler, but still warm enough for swimming and other water sports.

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Where to go?
Tekapo - Lake on the South Island in New Zealand. Located in the region of Canterbury.

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Rotorua, here are the Valley of Geysers, Aboriginal cultural center of New Zealand Maori, the thermal park and at the same time "Maori village" where you can see kiwi flightless bird - a symbol of the country, as well Maori Museum, waterfalls, botanical garden.

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Kaikoura - a place on the east coast of the South Island north of Christchurch, where you can observe sea lions.

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What to do?
Bungee Jumping

Слайд #7
Gold mining in the river on the Defender

Слайд #8
Boating on a mountain river

Слайд #9
What to eat?
Hangi - a way of cooking Maori aborigines. The main "trick" is that the food is cooked in a special oven underground.

Слайд #10
Kumar - one of the varieties of sweet potatoes.

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Cake «Pavlova»- meringue cake with fresh fruit, especially popular in New Zealand and Australia.