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Welcome to Paradise!
Ann Brykova
Form 11B

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The Maldives
On the European market, the Maldives today rank among the most attractive travel destinations in the tropics.

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Beach House at Manafaru
The Beach House offers unparalleled luxury to the discerning few. World-class cuisine combined with countless recreational facilities round up the truly supreme character of the Beach House at Manafaru Maldives.

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Banana Reef
The reef has a shape of banana extends 300 meters from northeast to south. The west side of the reef is a perfect place to dive.

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Underwater restaurant
The world’s first ever undersea restaurant called Ithaa. The restaurant sits 5 meters below the sea and is surrounded by vibrant coral reef offering a 270 degrees of panoramic underwater views.

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These types of tours are suitable for people who suffer from seasickness and hence cannot afford to spend long hours on boats and vessels. One can see the islands surrounded by the azure waters of the blue sea.

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A spa resort in the Maldives will let you indulge yourself, relax with blends that retain the best of traditional elements while enriched with modern advancements.

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Good luck in your journey!