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Слайд #1
Making an appointment.

Слайд #2
Two - four - eight double six - double two.
Can I speak to Mr. Parson?

Слайд #3
Who is calling, please?
This is a representative of the Ukrainian first Torgmash. My name is Dmitry Klimenko

Слайд #4
I'm sorry Mr. Klimenko, Mr. Parson is out at the moment. Would you like to leave a message or call back?

Слайд #5
I think I'd rather arrange to meet him.
OK. When would you came.

Слайд #6
Any time you say.
Just a moment. I'll get his schedule. Are you there.

Слайд #7
I can fix an appointment for you for tomorrow. That's Wednesday afternoon. Will u. p. m be all right with you?

Слайд #8
Yes, thank you. You've been most helpful. Good – Bye.
Good – Bye.