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Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga may be considered the most controversial singer of our time because of the style of her clothes. Rate it most shocking sight costumes.

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At the moment, Lady Gaga is the most popular of celebrities. It is full of unique and extravagant about anything to do with her music career.

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Lady Gaga has shocked people with her fashion choices, but for many it has become a fashion icon, a woman who likes to emphasize their individuality and challenging the society their clothes.

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How many designers create clothing for the supernatural Lady Gaga!

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Since Lady Gaga is always shocking, even when everyone is convinced that there is nothing more striking, we made a "collection" the most unusual outfits Lady Gaga.

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Lady Gaga costume for the MTV Video Music Awards 2010 again shocked the audience.

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"Meat" dress Lady Gaga threw all by surprise! Shoes and dress look really incredible, because they were made of cloth, accurately simulating the pieces of raw meat.

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Another odd choice, but at the Award Ceremony British Awards 2010 - white dress, trench coat, which looked just awkward.