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Слайд #1
– my favourite restaurant

Слайд #2
MAFIA is situated in the centre of Kyiv (in the downtown). It’s an expensive restaurant, so I went there with my friends.

Слайд #3
My favourite dish
My favourite dish in
MAFIA is the “Meter
Pizza” – a long and
very delicious Italian
pizza. We ordered it
for 150 hrn.

Слайд #4
The design
The inside design of MAFIA is in Italian style. There are a lot of baroque decorations (columns etc.)

Слайд #5
In MAFIA you can listen to good Italian music. An example of such music you can listen to in my presentation.

Слайд #6
The staff in restaurant
is friendly and glad to
see any visitor. Their
smile and tolerance
will impress you for a
long time.

Слайд #7
I want to invite you to MAFIA – my favourite restaurant.