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Presentation on Ireland

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Where is it?
A small island on the edge of Europe
Our next door neighbour is the Island of Britain
America is on the other side of us to the west

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The West Coast
West coast is in the west of Ireland

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Ennis (Home Town)
Monastery Town (1240)

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Dublin is the capital city of Ireland
Vikings founded Dublin (Dubhlin)

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Irish Culture
National Holiday- St. Patrick’s Day
March 17th
National Dish- Potatoes “Mashed Spuds, boiled spuds, roasted spuds, spuds with skins.”
National Dance- Irish Dancing

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Irish Culture
National Drink
National Sports
-Gaelic Football

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Irish Language
Dia dhuit = Hello
Conas tá tú? = How are you
Ta a lan craic isteach sa teach tabhairne
= There’s a lot of craic in the pub
Spoken fluently in Gealtachs 10% of the country
Making a come back recently

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Criminal news
Dublin resident Thomas O'Gorman died from multiple stab wounds during a chess game