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Italian national cuisine

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Enormous popularity of pizza, but, strangely enough, most of the tourists. Famous throughout the world was once a pizza dish poor - bread with tomatoes and spices, sometimes with cheap cheese. Over time, however, the chefs have learned to give it a spicy, sometimes refined taste, using in recipes, mushrooms, a variety of seafood, artichokes and even pineapples.

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The weakness of the Italians - olives. They are served to any dish, including preparing sauces, added to soups and stews, baked with meat and various vegetables.

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A characteristic feature of Italian food is the love of herbs. In Italian recipes basil and saffron is more often than any other recipes in the world.

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Italian cuisine, recipes which conquered the world, came to us later than others, but fell in love at first sight, to be exact, from the first bite.

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Play «Guess the food»
a) lasagna
b) pizza
c) salad

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b)crab sticks

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a) pasta
b) salad
c) olives

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a) rissole
b) fish
c) chicken