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By Olga Kucherenko

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What is a Gap Year?
GAP YEAR - vacation, provided the student or senior secondary vocational school for medical reasons and in other cases (disasters, family problems).

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A number of companies are operating gap year schemes which are a great opportunity to gain work experience, as well as earn a competitive salary.
All volunteer projects and expeditions are team based - with 8-16 Gap Year and university students on each, led by one or two of our trained and experienced leaders.
Structured work programmes

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Gap year provides an opportunity for students:
to solve their problems (health or other);
to prepare for training; 
go sightseeing;
experience a different culture firsthand .
communicate every day in English;
professional development…

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The main disadvantage gap year is a student misses an important year of study.

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Work Experience Abroad
Working abroad during your gap year will give you the opportunity to truly experience a country while gaining invaluable skills that employers and universities highly regard.

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Your gap year is an opportunity to experience a different world, whether it be part of a project, expedition or combined trip - be part of something extraordinary.
This is your chance to do something really amazing...

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Thank you for your attention!