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 Google glasses

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The Google company presents a cool novelty, it is a glasses of virtual reality.It is really cool invention.It opens a lot of new abilities.

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This product has it ’s advantages and disadvantages

Слайд #4
The advantages
it ’s simple to use

Слайд #5
The advantages
just say ’’ take a photo ’’ and it has done

Слайд #6
The advantages
you can share with someone that you see

Слайд #7
The advantages
you can use Google search.
you can find out a lot of photos

Слайд #8
Google glasses is a comfortable for usins.
This invention is strong and light.
It has modern and interesting design too.
It weights like a usual sun glasses.

Слайд #9
The disadvantages
this invention has mudi price
This project will be released in 2014 year.
Google glasses will be available to purchase by the end of the year for less than $1,500.

Слайд #10
The disadvantages
wearing this glasses you look stupid
it limits your freedom, you live only just in the virtual world.

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