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The Images of Totemic Animals in the Artistic Plot Space of the Novel “A Game of Thrones“ by George R.R. Martin

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George R.R. Martin
born September, 20 1948
an American author of fantasy, horror, and science fiction prose, as well as a screenwriter and television producer

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The Song of Ice and Fire

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Aim of the Investigation

Слайд #5
The Main Tasks of the Investigation

Слайд #6
The Methodological Basis
Theoretical understanding of totemism and symbolism
D. Haitun
V. Gening
C. Zaitseva
N. Kulagina
Z. Sokolova
Figurativeness in
the literature
O. Veselovsky
Y. Lotman
V. Hasilev
N. Nikolina
M. Bahtin
Y. Kristeva

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The Research Methods

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Totemism is a system of belief in which each human is thought to have a spiritual connection or a kinship with another physical being, such as an animal or plant, often called a "spirit-being" or "totem."

Слайд #9
Classification of totems
depending on sex
inanimate objects

Слайд #10
Main features of Martin’s totemism
Connection with mythology
Connection with the history of British Isles
Transformation of totemic animals into heraldic symbols

Слайд #11
Functions of images of totemic animals
Character-making and character-revealing

Слайд #12
Seven Kingdoms
Main Aristocratic Houses
The Starks
The Lannisters
The Baratheons
The Tullys

Слайд #13
The Starks of Winterfell
“But it was the size of it that made him [Bran] gasp. It was bigger than his pony, twice the size of the largest hound in his father’s kennel…”
“That’s a direwolf. They grow larger than the other kind…”
“There’s not been a direwolf sighted south of the Wall in two hundred years.”

Слайд #14
“There are five pups.
Three male and two female… You have five true born children. Three sons, two daughters. The direwolf is the sigil of your House. Your children were mean to have these pups, my lord.”

Слайд #15
The Royal House of Targaryen
“The Targaryens are the blood of the dragon, descended from the high lords of the ancient Free hold of Valyria, their heritage proclaimed in a striking (some say inhuman) beauty, with lilac or indigo or violet eyes and hair of silver-gold or platinum white.”

Слайд #16
The Origin of Martin’s Dragon
The Red Dragon
of Wales
Tugarin Zmej
The Old Welsh Dragon

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Слайд #18
The House of Lannisters
“Sir Jaime Lannister was twin to Queen Cersei; tall and golden, with flashing green eyes and a smile that cut like a knife.”
“The gold of Casterly Rock and
the Golden Tooth has made them the wealthiest of the Great Houses.”

Слайд #19
Heraldry of Seven Kingdoms by G. Martin

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