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Florence And The Machine
By Yuliana Rodionova, 10A

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Florence and the Machine are an English indie rock band, consisting of lead singer Florence Welch, Isabella "Machine" Summers, and a collaboration of other artists. The band's music received praise across the music media, especially from the BBC, before they gained mainstream success. The BBC played a large part in their rise to prominence by promoting Florence and the Machine as part of BBC Introducing.

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Things you might not know about the voice of Florence and the Machine:
Their song was included on an episode of "Glee".
Florence admitted her guilty Internet pleasure was shopping for more clothing, "I'm always on fashion websites, looking at clothes I shouldn't be buying."
Practically, when asked which machine she would like to be, Florence chose the wind machine.
Her dad calls her Flossy, her friends and family call her Flo, or Floaty.
Flo's favorite song is “Total Eclipse of the Heart”.

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Band members:
Florence Welch – lead vocals
Robert Ackroyd – lead guitar
Mark Saunders – bass guitar, percussion
Tom Monger – harp
Isabella Summers – keyboards
Rusty Bradshaw – keyboards, backing vocals
Christopher Lloyd Hayden – drums, backing vocals
Sam White – backing vocals

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Florence and the Machine discography
Lungs (2009)
Ceremonials (2011)

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Today, Florence and the Machine is very famous band all over the world. This band has received 20 awards for more than 50 nominations.

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