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William Turner- British painter
Alyona Kalchenko

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Joseph Mallord William Turner-British painter, a master of romantic landscape, watercolorist and printmaker.
Turner carefully studied the past masters and modern artists. He was particularly
admired Claude Lorrain.
His works include water colors
and oils.
Joseph Mallord William Turner(1775-1851)

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The most famous master paintings

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This picture made ​​famous artist.
“Water mill”

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“Blizzard. Hannibal crossing the Alps”

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“Dido, the founder of Carthage”

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“Rainbow over Arundel Castle”

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“Grand Canal”

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“The last flight of the ship "Brave"

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“Rain, steam and speed”

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Britain has produced many talented artists.
William Turner has a special place in the world culture of English painters.
His work was exhibited when he was still a teenager. His entire life was devoted to his art.
Turner bequeathed much of his work to the nation. The great majority of the paintings are now at Tate Britain.

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