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Earthquake in Mexico 2012

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Earthquake - the underground vibrations or shocks, arising from the shift of the crust or upper mantle.

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Among all natural disasters, according to UNESCO, earthquakes rank first in the world inflicted economic damage and number of victims.

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The occurrence of earthquakes
The occurrence of earthquakes associated mainly with tectonic processes. In the course of the year on the Earth is fixed separately. 1 million earthquakes. Allocate hypocenter and the epicenter of the earthquake. From them in all parties diverge seismic waves.

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Depending on the cause and location of earthquakes are divided into:

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Earthquake in Mexico (2012) - an earthquake with the magnitude of 7.4 took place on March 20. After the main shock was followed by a series of aftershocks.

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Localization of the epicenter
The earthquake it was at a depth of 17,5 kilometers of the epicenter tremors was in the state of Guerrero, 25 kilometers to the East of the city Ometepek and for 186 kilometers to the East from Acapulco.

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Consequences of the earthquake
Injured 13 people.
The total number of destroyed houses - about 2000.
Without electricity temporarily stayed around 2.5 million people.
Around 250,000 people were left without water.
In Mexico City footbridge collapsed. Its debris dropped by minibus.

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Behavior during an earthquake
Try to stay calm
Quickly leave the house and get away from him at a safe distance.
Leave corner room if you are above the second floor.

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Behavior during an earthquake
If you are in the room to stand in the doorway inside doors or in the corner of the room, away from windows and heavy objects.
Do not rush to the stairs or the elevator. Exit the building will be the most crowded, and elevators fail.
Away from tall buildings, overpasses, bridges and power lines.

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From earthquakes no one is safe. Governments of different countries are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to measure seismic activity and prevent earthquakes, but so far that is the nature of humanity by surprise. Victims may be less affected if people know how to behave during an earthquake.