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Ivan Franko said:
“He had been a peasant's son and become a lord in the kingdom of the rebellious spirit. He had been a serf and become a titan in the realm of human culture. He had been a self-thought and indicated new, fresh and free ways to professors and scientifics.”

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Childhood and Youth

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Taras Shevchenko was born on March 9 in the village of Moryntsi, Zvenigorodka county.

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According to family legends, Taras' forefathers were cossacks who served in the Zaporizhian Host and took part in liberation wars and uprisings of Ukraine in 17th and 18th centuries.

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Once young Taras went looking after "the iron pillars that hold up the sky" and got lost in a field. Chumaks who met the boy took him along and brought him to Kerelivka.

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On April 2 in1825, his father died a serf in corvée. Taras went to work for dyak Bohorsky who just arrived from Kyiv in 1824.

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Soon tired of enduring Bohorsky's mistreatment, Shevchenko ran away to seek out a painting master in the surrounding villages.

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In 1827 Shevchenko herded community sheep near his village. He then meets Oksana Kovalenko, a childhood friend, whom Shevchenko mentions in his works on multiple occasions. He dedicated to her the introduction to his poem "Mariana, the Nun".

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When Taras turned 14, Vasiliy Engelgardt died and village Kyrylivka became a property of his son, Pavel Engelgardt.Shevchenko was turned into court service person of the new landlord at the Vilshana estates.

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Pavel Engelgardt caught Shevchenko at night painting a portrait of cossack Matvei Platov, a hero of the Patriotic War of 1812. He boxed the ears of the boy and ordered him whipped in the stables with rods.The next day the order was executed by a coachman Sydorko who whipped Shevchenko.

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“Bust of Woman”, 1830

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After moving from Vilno to Saint Petersburg in 1831, Engelgardt took along Shevchenko. To have eventually a benefit for works of art (among the nobility was a fashion to have their own "chamber artists"), he gave him to study for four years to the painter Vasiliy Shiriayev.

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“Engelgardt`s portrait”, 1833

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“ The Liberty of Ukrainian nation was appeared by him, like a rise of the Sun, which was bathed in the blood of Ukrainian enemies.“

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Glory to Ukraine!
Glory to heroes!