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Dnipropetrovsk region

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Dnipropetrovsk region is situated on the south-eastern Ukraine

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It consists of 22 small regions

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The largest city Dnepropetrovsk and Krivoy Rog. Population is 3567 thousand people

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Relief is steppe

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Climate - moderate. It is cold in winter, and it is hot in summer

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In Dnipropetrovsk region growing plants such as feather grass, clover and alpine mountain, almonds steppe, birch, wild rose, blackthorn, oak, linden, elm, maple, alder, pine, elderberry, pear, ash, lime, hazel, field maple

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And live animals such as wolf, fox, marten and badger, squirrel, mole, hare, hawk, crane, lark, quail, the crow is gray, robin, sparrow, starling, wild ducks, sandpipers, herons, prairie snake, lizards, green toad, bream, pike, perch, deer

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Dnepropetrovsk region is rich in various minerals: including iron ore, titanium and uranium ore, bauxite, nickel, cobalt, manganese ore, clay, iron, steel, brown coal and oil

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