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The Review
Amnesia: The Dark Descent 

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If you wake up in the huge house, full of strange notes, and you don’t remember anything – congratulations , you are in “Amnesia”

Слайд #3
At first, this game seems to be peaceful and interesting…

Слайд #4
To be honest, you won’t understand anything until the middle of the game. Flashbacks are too realistic, so our half-crazy hero becomes crazy at all from time to time.

Слайд #5
As the game progresses you will find out, that our hero has a lots of secrets so he had to drink a mixture to forget all that stuff.Also you will find a lot of different notes from you, to understand what is going on.In few words – you are chased by the Dark side – The Shadow, because of one artifact.Also your old friend Alexander is not the most honest one, s you have to escape from 2 enemies and solve a lot of problems.But don’t forget, that this game is a Survival horor.

Слайд #6
To be honest , the game is quite scary… You can hear a lot of scary sounds behind you, on the corner or on the other side of your castle ….RRRR

Слайд #7
You have to run away from monsters in the water, that wants to eat your meat.

Слайд #8
From monsters in most of rooms…

Слайд #9
From “monsters” on the walls

Слайд #10
And from the guards (thanks your friend Alex)

Слайд #11
But monsters are not the main problem, if you can hide

Слайд #12
Your hero becomes crazy because of the dark… but you don’t always have the light….

Слайд #13
For sure it is quite strange game..

Слайд #14
But it is very interesting and exciting!

Слайд #15
So, from me, this game gets 4.5/5Play it and find out, will our hero stay alive?

Слайд #16
Thanks for attention!!