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My Favorite
TV Channels

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The most popular entertainment in our home life is television. Many people watch TV at leisure.

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One can choose the program, which likes best. Those, who like music, can listen concerts. Sports fans can watch football or hockey matches.

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Television extends our knowledge about the world when we live. I like watch Ukrainian channels such as STB, Inter, New channel, QTV.
My favorite channel is STB. I watch this channel every day with pleasure.

Слайд #5
I enjoy interesting programs such as “Everything will be fine”(“Все буде добре»), “Master Chief”(“Мастер Шеф») and “Ukraine has talent”(«Україна має талант”).

Слайд #6
Leading – Nadezhda Matveeva
I think, this show is very popular
among Ukrainian, because there are many helpful advices, recipes, horoscopes in this show.

Слайд #7
Also famous people, celebrities visit to the TV studio. Often can see sports exercises and advise on diet. I found a lot of useful things in this show.

Слайд #8
This is the show about cookery. Participants complete with each other in a battle of Cooks. They have a some jobs, which should they do during a some time.

Слайд #9
I find it interesting observe the work of the participants. More than all I like Marina Shevchenko. The job of a participants check three judges : Ector, Tatiana Litvinova and Nikolay Tishchenko.

Слайд #10
Leading – Oksana Marchenko
Judges : Vlad Yama, Igor Kondratuk,
Slava Frolova.

Слайд #11
This is the show, which has casting, where participants show to judges their talents. It may be singing, playing a musical instruments, dancing, magic tricks, different abilities, street workout and other.

Слайд #12
With each season more and more difficult to surprise the judges. At the and of the season they determine the winner who will receive a million for the most amazing talent.

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Thanks you for attention

by Tanchik Margaret,
9 Form