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Ivan Aivazovsky

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Born - Hovhannes Aivazian (baptized)29 July  1817 Feodosia, Taurida, Russian Empire (present-day Crimea, Ukraine)
Died - 2 May 1900 (aged 82) Feodosia, Russian Empire

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Imperial Academy of Arts

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Aivazovsky with his first wife, Julia, and their four daughters

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Aivazovsky's painting of his second wife Anna Burnazian (1882)

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Aivazovsky's gravestone in Feodosia

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Aivazovsky the artist

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Pushkin farewell to the seaSea view by Moonlight

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Ship «Empress Maria» in storm

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Armenian themes

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Posthumous honors
Monuments in Ukraine, Armenia and Russia stand in Aivazovsky's memory. A statue of the artist can be found in front of the Feodosia Art Gallery, his former home. A statues of Aivazovsky and his brother Gabriel is located in Simferopol, Crimea's administrative center.