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The most dangerous jobs

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I think everyone knows about the professions such as a doctor, an economist, a nurse, and more, but do you know what the most dangerous profession, and what with a lower level of stress.
I asked my friends about it and they answered:
The most dangerous job:
Police man
I want to give my list of the most dangerous jobs…

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Risk of work:
Three categories:
1) physical
2) chemical
3) Psychological
According to experts, the most dangerous profession for mental health - a trade firefighter

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Police Officers
Unfortunately they are probably not the most popular public servants in many parts of the world, and yes, corruption is real…but some people really do put their lives on the line for others.
Risk of work:
1) Physical
2) Psychological

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Risk of work:
Many years of work=poor health
Collapses in mines= Death or severe injuries
P.S. Very small salary which does not correspond to risk

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Along with deep sea fishing, the logging industry is a long time source of workplace danger. Big trees, sharp saws, and hard hours are not a good mix.
Risk of work:
1) Physical
2) Psychological

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In the period from 1996 to 2002 during demining activities have killed more than 500 people.
Risk of work:
1) Physical
2) Psychological

Слайд #8
Also at the end I want to provide a list of the most calmest profession.
Web-programmer (100%)
Makeup artist (100%)
Cultural studies (100%)
Finance Manager (100%)
Baker (60%)
Masseur (50%)
Librarian (34%)
Hairdresser (33%)
Seamstress (29%)
Cook (28%)
An auto mechanic (25%)
Electricians (22%)
Confectioner (20%)
The Economist (17%)

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Thank you for your attention!
Made by Bonk Veronika