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Healthy lifestyle
yчениця 11-А класу
Дублянської ЗОШ I-III ступенів
Куциняк Богдана

Слайд #2
Physical culture
Bad Habits
Health Foods

Слайд #3
Physical culture
Physical culture is football basketball volleyball and other games
Fitness is an integral part of human life.

Слайд #4
We must :
1.Wash hands
2.Use personal care products
3.wear clean clothes

Слайд #5
4.Kept clean house
5.Comply healthy diet

Слайд #6
Bad Habits
Bad habits is :

Слайд #7
Health Foods
In the food must be many vitamins.
This is the fruits.
It is vegetables.
Do not eat fast food and fatty foods!

Слайд #8
Hardening is prevention of various diseases.
It is pouring cold or ice water.
Eating Ice Cream is also hardening.

Слайд #9
Thank you for attention