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Goths - representatives of Gothic subculture inspired by the aesthetics of the Gothic novel , aesthetics death, gothic music .
A movement began in the early 1980s. The goths is a contemprorary subculture found in many countries.

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These gloomy young people with whitewashed faces, black eyes and bloody lips hard to miss. Even on hot days , they wore long skirts , sweaters , mostly dark colors, high boots , leather jackets and coats . Among the jewelry - silver only .

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Youth subculture " goths" came to us like many other youth movements from abroad . Today the " Goths " - is quite developed philosophy , lifestyle , values ​​and behavior..
The origin
of subcultures

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The clothes Goths use black and red. Goths wear wide-brimmed hat on his head , or even cylinders . Often wearing leather pants , skirts , coats . Make ready expressive with bright red lipstick on her lips , dark eyes with painted clearly on white faces.
Subculture attributes

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Many Goths wear around the neck collar with spickes.Goths in principle do not recognize gold jewelry, because they believe that in the past has been spilled much blood. All jewelry exclusively with silver or stainless steel .

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Goths have own literature and cinema . Every Goth must read Orwell, Remarque, Camus. Eligible for their worldview Goths believe Lynch films , Tarkovsky, Kubrick , Bunuel. Goths do not give up to classical music , but prefer minor works , sad music, or sublimely solemn music of Richard Wagner .
Art Goths

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